Deleting Your Account and Personal Data

When you choose to delete your account, we take steps to respect your choice and your privacy. Here's what happens to your data:

What Gets Deleted

  1. User Identification: Your unique user ID, associated with your account in our app, will be permanently deleted from our Firebase Authentication system.

  2. Personal Information: All the personal information associated with your account, including but not limited to your email address, will be permanently removed from our Firebase Firestore Database.

What Gets Retained

Currently, we do not retain any personal data after you delete your account. However, some anonymized, non-personal data might be retained for analytical purposes.

Data Deletion Timeline

Once you submit a request for account deletion, the process is typically completed within 48 hours. Please note that this is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

In the event that we are required by law to retain some of your personal data for a longer period, we will comply with these requirements and hold only the minimum necessary data for the legally required period.

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